We are a mission driven private investment company specializing in the acquisition, management, and transformation of multifamily communities across the United States
With a comprehensive approach that embraces sustainable initiatives, community-focused programming, and meaningful renovations, Olive Tree Holdings demonstrates its dedication to creating vibrant communities that stand the test of time.
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Leading with a People-First Approach
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Meet Our Team
"At Olive Tree Holdings, we firmly believe that our purpose transcends the boundaries of our properties. Through our unwavering commitment to ESG principles, we have diligently worked to make an enduring impact on our communities and the broader real estate landscape."
Ian Bel,
Managing Principal and CEO
Environmental Responsibility
We are steadfast in our commitment to lowering energy consumption and reducing our environmental impact across our communities through a range of initiatives and sustainable practices.
  • Transformation with energy-efficient enhancements, including the integration of LED lighting and low-flow plumbing retrofits.
  • Integration of EnergyStar appliances, setting a higher standard for sustainability.
  • Promotion and usage of low VOC paints and sealants to elevate indoor air quality and minimize our ecological footprint.
  • Pioneering the Water Warriors program, an impactful ESG initiative aimed at significantly reducing water consumption throughout our portfolio.
Social Impact
We are deeply committed to community programming that intricately aligns with the needs and interests of our residents.
  • Social Engagement: From youth-centered events and community-wide celebrations to joyous holiday gatherings, memorable birthday parties, and numerous other occasions, our mission is to cultivate a profound sense of togetherness among our residents and the broader community.
  • Food Security: A notable initiative example is the establishment of the Timber Ridge food pantry, which serves the Houston community, addressing critical food security concerns.
  • Accessibility Enhancements: Our proactive initiatives ensure accessibility for all, with the development of inclusive playgrounds, the provision of on-site hair salons, and the implementation of tutoring and educational programs.
  • Financial Empowerment: Our comprehensive financial literacy programs empower both our team members and residents, elevating their grasp of budgeting and financial planning.
  • Flex Program: This program covers residents' rent on the first of each month and enables them to repay it in manageable installments, offering greater flexibility.
  • Stake: This program offers residents cash back directly into their checking accounts when they fulfill their rent obligations.
  • Leaselock: To make moving into our communities more affordable, residents have the option to pay a small insurance premium instead of a traditional deposit each month.
  • Partnership with Memorial Assistance Ministries of Houston (MAM): As part of Olive Tree’s Financial Literacy Program, the MAM team conducted several bootcamps titled “Managing your Money.” These sessions addressed questions pertaining to financial planning and awarded participants with certificates upon course completion.
We uphold high standards of governance, ensuring transparency, integrity, and accountability in our operations.
  • Investment Committee: Olive Tree Holdings boasts a deeply collaborative and disciplined investment committee that incorporates all key stakeholders of the investment and execution process.
  • OSHA Policies: We recognize that a safe work environment is a fundamental aspect of our responsibility to those who contribute to our success. As a result, we are committed to full compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Policies.
  • Philanthropy: Olive Tree Holdings offers team members the opportunity to participate in several company-wide events, charitable fundraising initiatives, as well as a paid day off for volunteering.
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